William Harris
Development / Writer


William Harris serves as associate producer and head writer of Tech Toys 360, now broadcasted in more than 125 countries. His accessible, engaging style with 21 century innovators  has taken him from the American Midwest to the Dutch countryside to highlight the future forward products that make Tech Toys 360 a fast ­paced, informative, and entertaining series.  He has also partnered with writer/producer Jeff Levine to create Day of Decision, a high concept approach to history and Presidential decision making currently in development. This project builds on his almost fifteen years with the National Archives.  There, he worked as one of a select group of Presidential archivists who labor behind the scenes, preserving and protecting highly classified official documents and highly sensitive personal papers created by the Presidents and their families, friends, and staff.  He later served as a senior director of the entire Presidential Library System where he played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bushes Presidential libraries. From a President’s Library to Camp David, he witnessed First Families in personal moments, away from the press. His top secret, code word security clearance afforded him access to millions of pages of classified documents, the contents of which he will always protect, just as he safeguards the secrets learned through unprecedented access to a treasure of personal letters and diaries created by the very few who have called the White House home.  Yet his insight is invaluable in providing unique insights into a world few of us will know and in working with a diverse range of people to tell their dynamic stories.